For thousands of years across cultures around the world, emeralds have symbolized prosperity, wisdom, and growth. Believed to protect love, they are historically popular for romantic gifts. Even Cleopatra was famously enamored with emeralds for what their beauty represents.

Not just one of the most emblematic stones, the emerald is also one of the most valuable gemstones in the world. Aside from its vivid green hues, one of the most exceptional qualities of the emerald is that no two gems are alike. All natural emeralds have inclusions that add distinct and individual character, like a fingerprint or strand of DNA. When you acquire a natural emerald, you gain something truly unique to you.

Our rare Colombian emeralds are amongst the most coveted gemstones on the planet. The allure and rarity of these stones are attributed to their several unique characteristics. Here's how BOTERA emeralds stand apart:

ORIGIN. Renowned globally for their unparalleled quality and distinct color, our Colombian emeralds are sourced from Muzo, Colombia where our supplier ensures ethical sourcing and handling at every step, from the mine to the BOTERA atelier.

COLOR. Our Colombian emeralds reflect the stunning hues and exceptional tone unique to their native region. Their hues range from light to dark shades of green, maintaining a perfect tone that is neither too blue nor too yellow. This uniformity in color is the determinant attribute to their high quality.

CLARITY. Inclusions, or internal features developed during the emerald's formation process, define the stone’s clarity. These inclusions, often referred to as “jardin,” as they mirror plant foliage, give each emerald its unique identity and hint at its origin. BOTERA emeralds exhibit high purity for optimal brilliance.

CUT. An emerald's cut, defined by its shape and facet count, accentuates its color and luminosity. Proper proportions, symmetry, and finish not only accentuate this gemstone’s beauty, but also escalate its value. Every BOTERA emerald is cut with extreme precision for skillful setting and remarkable color.

TREATMENT. More than 95% of emeralds are treated with natural oils to care for their inclusions, a trade-accepted practice meant to clear mining and cutting residues and enhance the stones’ beauty. At BOTERA, we use natural oil treatments to nourish each stone while keeping its natural color and tone intact.

EMERALD ETHICS. RESPONSIBLY SOURCED & HANDLED. Our supplier is a leader of the Colombian emerald market, producing some of the highest quality emeralds on earth. They adhere to the pinnacle of global jewelry industry standards, ethically handling each stage of every stone’s journey, from extraction to transformation. This diligence ensures outstanding quality at every touchpoint with the utmost focus on sustainability and ethics. When you choose BOTERA emeralds, you choose rare beauty, high quality, and responsible luxury.

At BOTERA, every design is inspired by the stone. Each piece is handcrafted, with every stone meticulously set by our expert artisans in our Colombian atelier.

The artisans in our atelier are highly-skilled emerald experts. They have been working with these stones for years as a tribute to Colombian heritage and craftsmanship, employing knowledge and techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation.